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Volunteer Opportunities

Consider volunteering in one of the many areas that keep our BV CISV Chapter running smoothly. Below you will find a list of current opportunities. In addition, be on the look out for Sign Up emails to volunteer for recurring monthly events, such as movie night, local and regional camps, and hosting opportunities.

Brandywine Valley always needs people and help! Feel free to contact Marion Henderson (volunteer coordinator), or Jean Bitner (president) if you are interested in chairing or joining one (or two, or three!) of the committees listed. In addition to the committees, we always need people who can offer their help in a more "general" way (ie, chaperone (day and night), event logistics, transportation, community service).  If interested, please contact Marion Henderson here.  

Annual Car Wash Fundraiser

2017/18: Chair: OPEN

Annual May Car Wash fundraiser. Reserve the Sunoco at Boot Road and Paoli Pike providing a $100 check (it is never cashed).  Create Sign Up Genius 4 weeks in advance of date; we normally encourage delegations to volunteer together. Email all delegation leaders with Sign Up information.  Recruit JB members and parents to help. Coordinate sign making with JB Board in March/April. Ensure enough parents attend to supervise Car Wash and collectors on the street corners. Runs from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM on 1st or 2nd Saturday in May. Clean up and store supplies. Retrieve check from Sunoco.


Fundraising/Fall Gala (committee members: 4 to 6)

2017/18: Chair:  OPEN

Fundraising: Responsible for planning and implementing chapter fundraising projects, as well as considering new methods of fundraising. Organize a volunteer committee (4+ members) to work with Chair to plan and organize various fundraisers, including the Fall Gala. Recruit sponsors and donations from the community and membership, secure location, plan menu, create auction item descriptions. Facilitate Delegation basket donations, organize live and silent auction for adult and JB sections and secure auctioneer and DJ. 

Volunteers: OPEN


Responsible for working with Fundraiser Chair to plan and organize the annual Fall Gala. Help with recruiting sponsors and donations from the community and membership, securing location, planning menu, and creating auction item descriptions. Contact Marion Henderson here to sign up. 


Leadership Training Coordinator

2017/18: OPEN 

Coordinates national leadership training site and other logistical arrangements in conjunction with volunteer coordinator when it is BV’s responsibility to host such training. Contact Marion Henderson here to sign up. 


Local Leadership Training 

2017/18: Chair: Nicole Veater

Works to provide training for leaders, including but not limited to Interchange Leaders, Junior Counselors, and Village Staff, for our programs.

Local Interchange Coordinator (LIC)

2017/18: Chair: Debbie Shryock 

Responsible for coordinating Interchange program in conjunction with partner chapter’s LIC and the National Interchange Chair.  Throughout the process, participates in recruiting and disseminating information to applicants, delegate families and leaders. Facilitates interaction and planning for Interchange delegation meetings, and works with leaders and parents in program planning.


2017/18: Nicole Veater

Mosaic is a continuous educational process, providing peace education at the local level. Chair is responsible for coordinating the program and chapter community service. Implements plan to track volunteer hours to CISV and service hours. Contact Marion Henderson here to sign up. 

Public Relations

2017/18: Chair: Open

Promote the positive image and awareness of CISV and its programs and purposes through effective community and media relations. Responsibilities include sending timely press releases to local newspapers, news media or other PR avenues to announce program opportunities, program participants, chapter service events and any other “newsworthy” items. If interested in helping, contact Marion Henderson here to sign up. 


2017/18: Chair: Mark Shryock 

Write and publish bi-monthly BV CISV newsletters, with the first newsletter of the “year” published in Sept. before first Board Meeting. Develop, interview and obtain information from Board and membership. Write one spotlight story per issue. Send draft to President/Incoming for proofing before publishing. Publish and distribute to BV CISV membership via Constant Contact. Contact Marion Henderson here.

Contributors: Open 

Recruitment (committee members: 5+) 

2017/18: Chair: Marsha Brofka-Berends

Chair develops and implements strategy for recruiting new families, coordinates public presentations, and maintains slide and video materials. Chair organizes a committee (3+ member) who works with the Recruitment Chair to host and attend events, including Fun Day and Open Houses, in order to recruit new members. 

Volunteers: Open 

Works with Recruitment Chair to brainstorm ways to recruit new members, and helps host and attend events, including Fun Day and Open Houses, in order to recruit new members. Contact Marion Henderson here to sign up. 

Risk Management

2017/18: Chair: Janet Monaghan

Advises the Chapter Board on legal issues. Responsible for assisting delegations with insurance questions and arranging for insurance coverage for all traveling delegations. 


SCRIP Coordinator

2016/17 Chair: Mark Shryock
Manage the SCRIP fundraising program. Send communication to membership with each meeting reminder sent via Constant Contact. Receive and place orders for delivery during monthly meetings.  Maintain supply of Cash and Carry cards for purchase during meetings. Financial accounting and forwarding of funds to BV CISV Treasurer.

Summer Program Coordinator (committee members: TBD)

2018/19 Co-Chairs: OPEN
Manages all activities related to the planning of any summer program - we typically host two summers on, one summer off. Arrangements include application, site, equipment, supplies, and program planning. Works with a committee, of which each member oversees one aspect, such as transportation, laundry, leaders' night out, of the program. For a description of Step Up volunteer opportunities, see For Hosting 2017 Step Up Camp and to access our sign up sheet. Contact Marion Henderson here with any questions.  

Travel Coordinator

2017/18 Chair: Jim Mobed
2018/19: Frank Urzynicok

Responsible for arranging flights for Village and Step Up participants. Does not arrange for Interchange and, depending on situation, may or may not arrange for JC or Seminar travel.  


Volunteer Coordinator (committee members: 3)

2017/18 Chair: Marion Henderson 
Works with all other Chairs to helps coordinate and fill open volunteer spots for all Chapter events. 
Volunteers: OPEN

Contact Marion Henderson here to sign up. 

Website Coordinator 

2017/18 Chair: Jodi Knapp

Maintains the BV CISV website with meeting dates, program information and current events. Works with the Board to receive and post updated information as needed.