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Board Members

It is a privilege and an honor to work with the Brandywine Valley CISV Board. Our board members are committed and engaged and we encourage any chapter member who is interested to join us.

Our Bylaws allow for five Executive Board Members and no fewer than three and no more than 10 Members-at-Large.  Becoming a Member-at-Large requires a one-year commitment and those in this role can chair one of many different areas.  Executive Board roles require a three-year commitment.

Many of our members commit to a one-year role and stay on for several years!  That said, a healthy Board encourages rotation through roles and continual recruitment of new members who can bring fresh ideas and energy to the organization. To facilitate this process, all chapter members are invited to our monthly Board Meetings where they can begin learning about our Chapter and the different roles associated with our Chapter Board. 

If you are interested in learning more about specific roles, please contact either Cynthia Lacker or  Jodi Knapp. In addition, read CISV Chapter Roles. Below is a list of our current board members and a description of the roles they are fulfilling.  To learn about other opportunities that are available, please check out our Volunteer Opportunities page. 

We hope you will consider joining the board and/or supporting the chapter on a volunteer basis to find where you fit best!


Executive Board: 


2017-2018 Past President: Jodi Knapp

Advise and assist current president

2017-2018 President: Jean Bitner

Set agenda and preside over all meetings of the board and executive committee. Send out notices of the meetings in advance, to ensure that the board and committees run efficiently and effectively, and that they have the resources to do so. Attend the National Conference/CISV In Motion held each October and participate in football pool to secure programs. Assist the treasurer and the finance committee in the preparation of the annual Chapter budget. Make recommendations regarding program fees


2017-2018 Incoming President: Shelly Grossman

Preside over meetings of the board and executive committee when the president is absent. Exercise the powers and duties of the president in his/her absence or disability. Take every opportunity to learn about the president’s responsibilities in preparation for taking over the presidency upon completion of the president-elect term. Attend the National Conference/CISV In Motion held each October in Cincinnati.

2017-2018 Secretary: JeanMarie Tenlen 

Take minutes at monthly board meetings, as well as during Chapter Board Retreat. Take attendance and produce minutes following the meeting. E-mail minutes to board members prior to the next meeting. After minutes are approved by the board and signed by the president, give a signed copy to the treasurer and webmaster (to upload on website). File one copy in Chapter's minutes notebook as well as on google docs. 

2017-2018 Treasurer: Walker Robinson

Attend all Chapter board meetings. Present the Chapter's financial report each month. The financial report shall consist of inflows/outflows, as well as balances of accounts. Make recommendations on investments of Chapter monies. Present details to the Board for approval. Assist board members with understanding fees to be collected for each program. Prepare charts if necessary to explain. Create delegation contracts and attend signing dinner to hand out contracts and collect monies from traveling delegates. Track payments.

Board Members-at-Large: 


Sutton Faller (Member-at-Large)

Marion Henderson (Volunteer Coordinator)

Jim Mobed (Travel Coordinator)

Nicole Veater (Local Leader Trainer)

Marsha Brofka-Berends (Recruitment Chair)

Mark Shryock (Newsletter, Scrip) 

Frank Urzynicok (Member-at-Large)

Natalie Payne (Member-at-Large) 

Janet Monaghan (Risk Manager)