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Step Up (age 14 -15) Formerly Summer Camp

Aimed at slightly older children than the Village, the Step Up encourages participants to take initiatives towards leadership and responsibility for program planning.


As more and more eleven-year-olds returned from Villages, filled with enthusiasm about their experiences, other young people, often those who had been unable to attend a Village, felt that they too would like to have their own Village-type experience. After a good deal of debate, it was decided to hold a number of experimental Summer Camps, and these proved so successful that the Summer Camp was finally approved as an official program in 1995.


Building leadership skills

Aimed at young teens, the Summer Camp encourages participants to take responsibility for leadership and program planning. Each camp focuses on a specific educational theme. Participants work together to plan activities and discussions which build on the chosen theme.

Age 14 - 15
Duration 23 Days
Size of group Delegations come from 9 countries and are comprised of 4  youths, equally divided between girls and boys, who are accompanied by an adult Leader (age 21+). The camp is coordinated by an adult staff.