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At CISV we believe in building global friendship, starting with children. But that's not where it stops. While the Village program, for 11 year olds, is the cornerstone of our educational philosophy, it's just the first building block. We also offer a range of multicultural experiences to youth and adults, providing the opportunity to experience the CISV philosophy and live our values. Find out more about our exciting and diverse activities. Applications for programs can be sent to 1442 Pottstown Pike, #174, West Chester PA 19380, or emailed to

The building blocks of global friendship.
Scholarship Guidelines
CISV Brandywine Valley provides scholarships to ensure that the CISV experience is accessible to all qualified participants regardless of financial situation. Scholarship awards are limited, and they are dependent upon the CISV funds available and the degree of need among applicants in any given year. Financial assistance will be based on documented need with priority given to individuals who have made significant contributions to the chapter. Applications are received and reviewed in strict confidence, and applicants may be required to meet with the Scholarship Committee to provide additional information.
Scholarship Application
Brandywine Valley CISV Chapter Scholarship Application.
Village (age 11)
Village is for eleven-year-old children who represent their country in an international camp setting for a once in a lifetime experience.
Interchange (ages 12-15)
Interchange is the only CISV program that is family-centered and allows for total immersion of the youth participant into a family's social and cultural life. This is achieved by living in a host partner's home and becoming part of the family.
Step Up (age 14 -15) Formerly Summer Camp
Aimed at slightly older children than the Village, the Step Up encourages participants to take initiatives towards leadership and responsibility for program planning.
Junior Counselor (ages 16-17)
In the Village, the JCs are an important part of leaders' group, performing specific duties and contributing to the planning and operation of the daily activities.
Seminar Camp (ages 17-18)
Seminar camp is actively conducted by the participants, who are encouraged to discover and form opinions about individual, international and intercultural matters, to examine their own motives and the behavior of themselves and others, to appreciate the responsibilities involved in group living, and to gain practical experience in positive conflict resolution.
Youth Meeting (ages 12-19+)
This short-term, regional theme camp is organized to provide an opportunity for young people to explore important intercultural issues and promote continued CISV participation.
Intl. People's Project (age 19+)
International People's Project is an activity based on one specific theme for people aged 19 and above with at least four delegations depending greatly on the nature of the project.
Mosaic (all ages)
Mosaic is a program that helps connect CIVS ideas, principles and methods with local communities. It helps CISV's vision be spread through more people and groups and brings new ideas and perspectives to the organization. Each project is a separate CISV experience that relates to local needs and interests and involves a different target group.
Application for Village Program
Application for Step Up Program
Application for Interchange Program
Application for Seminar Camp
Application for Leaders, JCs and Staff
This file is for leaders, JCs and staff to apply to positions. Interested in staff positions, please follow the process outlined for leaders. Thank you.
Application for Youth Meeting
Selection Demystified
Part of the CISV program application process is the interview and selection process. Given that we have finite opportunities for our youth, we offer this as insight to how the chapter selects applicants, common misconceptions about selection and how to improve your odds of attending a CISV program.
Youth Legal Information Form (YLIF)
Youth Legal Information Form - Appointment of Temporary Guardian for Travel and Medical Care, Release and Consents Updated 2016
Health Information Form
Health Information Form for Delegates Updated 2013
Adult Legal Information Form (ALIF)
Adult Legal Information Form - Appointment of Temporary Guardian for Medical Care, Release and Consents (ALIF) Updated 2016
Youth Travelling Alone Legal Information Form - TWAL
Youth Travelling Alone Legal Information Form - Appointment of Temporary Guardian for Medical Care, Release and Consents (TWAL) Update 2016
Leader, Staff, JC Reference Form
This is the reference form for leader, staff, and JC applications.