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Family Membership

Brandywine Valley Chapter Membership

Why renew or join CISV?





  • A membership to CISV helps to support all kinds of activities for young people and their families. We do more than just send members to international camps. We have activities to help build & bond our chapter of Brandywine Valley.
  • Membership keeps you up to date on what is happening in our chapter. As a member you will receive all of our mailings.  
  • Membership makes you eligible for our international programs. Is a Village, Interchange, Step Up, Seminar Camp, or a leadership position on the horizon for you or your child this year? Join now and have fewer things to attach to your application. Application fees are waived for members.
  • Membership helps pay our dues to the National Branch and to supplement travel & fees for members that we must send to mandatory National meetings and training.
  • Even if travel plans are not on the agenda for your family this year, we still need your membership. Program fees do not cover all of our expenses. Remember there were many families supporting this chapter when you or your child traveled. We continue to count on the support of our past participants to keep this chapter strong. Your membership helps us to provide other families with opportunities that your family experienced.
  • If you believe in Doris Allen’s mission for CISV, “to promote peaceful solutions to worldwide problems through cross-cultural relationships that nurture international understanding”, then you should appreciate the chapter’s commitment to send and host children for years to come.

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