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Frequently Asked Questions

This is a “volunteer” position. What are the costs involved?

The leader is responsible for membership dues for the Brandywine Valley Chapter (one year – $35) paid upon selection and personal expenses.  Your training fees, travel costs, food, and lodging during the program are paid by CISV.

What is the time commitment?

The CISV programs are between three to four weeks, depending on the program.  In addition to the program time, leaders:
·        Typically meet 5-6 times prior to traveling with the delegates and their families.
·        Must attend training about the organization and program over a weekend.
·        Organizational work to prepare the delegation for travel.

What are the requirements to apply?

·        Be willing to acquire a thorough knowledge of CISV, and adhere to the goals and philosophy of the organization.

·        Exhibit behavior that is mature, responsible, and appropriate in keeping with the CISV philosophy and the role of leader for youth.

How are leaders selected?

  • Applicants are requested to submit form for the application and background checks.  Two references are required. See links below.
  • The chapter will conduct personal interviews of the applicants.   
  • The applicant must pass background checks.

What are my responsibilities before the program?

  • Attend and participate fully in the mandatory local and National Leadership Workshops preceding the CISV program.
  • Develop good rapport with all the program participants and their families promoting a group feeling among them.
  • Seeing that the forms required by CISV (including those required of child-delegates as well as those required of the leader) are completed properly and submitted on time.
  • Respond to pre-program communications, complying with requests and time-frames.
  • Take responsibility for overseeing travel preparations:
    a. Getting your passport (and visa, if required) in good time.
    b. Obtaining information about required immunizations, and ensuring that the group has acquired those.
  • Be receptive to suggestions from CISV – local, National, and International.
  • Keep the Chapter contact person informed about plans of the delegation or individual and progress toward readiness for the experience.

What are my responsibilities during the program?

  • First and foremost, fully participate and engage your delegation in the CISV program, working with the program staff and other delegation leaders.
  • Be aware of and communicate any health problems the children or other adults may have, be able to deal with such problems if they arise and be able to assist any host families or program staff in dealing with such problems.
  • Be able to give a general accounting of group monies and specific accounting of emergency monies to Chapter/families.

What are my responsibilities after the program?

Through the immersion in cross-cultural program activities, both delegates and leaders frequently have an awe-inspiring experience that can alter how they view the world. Follow-up after the program is a key component.

  • Plan and conduct at least one post-program activity with the participants and their families.
  • Your remaining active in the Chapter for the year immediately after the CISV program is beneficial to the delegates in the on-going Junior Branch.
  • Promote CISV whenever possible.
  • Keep in touch with your new CISV friends from all over the world!

This all sounds very interesting but I want to talk to somebody first. Who can I call?

Send an e-mail to or call 484-604-9391 with your contact information and a chapter member will call you. We can also put you in touch with past leaders.